Why Your Financial Support is Critical:

As many businesses have found themselves in times of struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic, so too did the Winnebago County Bar Association. The Board of Directors made it their mission to better prepare the Association for future times of economic turmoil, and to recover as quickly as possible from the current issues we face.   They have taken the first step by adopting a written Operating Reserve Policy which establishes an Operating Reserve Fund. A reserve fund will help us better meet challenges when they arise. The next step is to fund the reserve.

To that end, we are encouraging each of you to make a pledge. A pledge to the ongoing financial health of this Association, and the continued ability to provide a sense of collegiality, scholarship, and service to the legal community.


Make a Difference – Support the WCBA Reserve Fund:

We seek to prepare the WCBA for long-term financial health. The Reserve fund provides a giving opportunity for donors to insure that future.  Please consider a pledge to this endeavor, or perhaps a one-time gift to help us reach this goal. We appreciate so much your continued support and involvement in the WCBA.

Click the following button to make a custom donation to the WCBA Reserve Fund: