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The Winnebago County Bar Association will promote and support the practice of law and the administration of justice according to the highest standards while also serving its members through education, collegiality and opportunities for public service.

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Association Membership
Winnebago County Bar Association Membership
Please select the appropriate category. Membership categories are determined by your original date of admission to practice law, not necessarily the date you were licensed in Illinois.


First year admitted to practice $60.00
Two years $60.00
Three to Five years $135.00
More than 5 years, less than 10 $230.00
Ten years or more $300.00
Non-Resident  $135.00
Law students $25.00
Law Professors   $135.00
Inactive $110.00
Optional Additional Items
Sustaining member $100.00
Young lawyers (to age 37) $15.00
Young lawyers Associate (after age 37) $20.00
Government/Non Profit
Government/Non Profit Rate** $135.00

** The Government/Non Profit rate applies, beginning with the third year admitted to practice to those attorneys employed as Assistant Stateís Attorneys, Assistant Public Defenders, Attorneys employed by Prairie State Legal Services, Assistants in the City Legal Department and the staff attorneys in the Court Administratorís Office. Please contact the WCBA if you have a question.


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