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The Winnebago County Bar Association will promote and support the practice of law and the administration of justice according to the highest standards while also serving its members through education, collegiality and opportunities for public service.

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Bar Foundation

Grant Request Application Form

for 2018-2019 Fiscal Year

Winnebago County Bar Foundation

Mission Statement:

To support and recognize, when deserving, efforts which further strengthen or uphold American jurisprudence within Winnebago County, Illinois.

Winnebago County Bar Foundation

Statement of Goal relating to grant making:


One of the goals of the Winnebago County Bar Foundations is to financially support individuals, groups and organizations which in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, seek to institute, maintain or support activities, products or endeavors consistent with the mission of the Foundation and for which other funds, public or private, are not available.

Instructions: 1. Complete the Application Form attached.

Organizations/charities purposes must fit the mission statement of the Winnebago County Bar Foundation.

ll requested information must be completed and signed by organization/charity for which grant is requested.

All applications are due by April 30, 2020 Submit the applications to the Winnebago County Bar Association office, One Court Place, #401, Rockford, IL 61101

 The name of the organization/charity:


 City State Zip

Contact Person:


 IRS Tax ID No:

 Purpose of organization/charity:

How does the organization/charity/project propose to strengthen or uphold the American jurisprudence in Winnebago County, Illinois?


Organization/charity present sources of funding:


(Include current financial statement, if available)

 Amount requested: $

1. Description of the project:  





2. Assessment of the need for the work to be done:




3. Purpose for which the grant will be used:




4. Projected budget for the project




5. Availability of other identified sources of support.




6. Timetable for completion




7. Date that a report to the WCBF will be provided detailing how the funds were spent.





8 The number of individuals that will benefit from funding by the Winnebago County Bar Foundation




Additional comments:



Signature:                                                                         Title