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The Winnebago County Bar Association will promote and support the practice of law and the administration of justice according to the highest standards while also serving its members through education, collegiality and opportunities for public service.

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Sections-Diversity Committee


Equal Opportunity Pledge


To provide equal employment opportunities for all, ________pledges to:


  • Provide equal opportunities to all applicants for employment, avoiding discrimination based on race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age.
  • Support efforts to promote diversity.
  • Promote an attitude within our firm or organization which is open and welcoming to diverse lawyers, staff and clients.
  • Identify our firm or organization as an equal opportunity employer in recruitment materials including those posted and distributed at law schools.
  • Periodically review my firm or organization’s hiring practices to assess whether they effectively offer equal opportunity to diverse applicants.


The following  members of the WCBA and law firms have signed the

Winnebago County Bar Association

Equal Opportunity Pledge:


James Allen

Jerrold L. Barenbaum

Jeremy Bergstrom

Thomas Boswell

Lucinda Bugden

Kim M. Casey

Danielle Costello

Michael P. Davidson

Pamela Fox

Philip Frankfort

Richard Gaines

Victoria R. Glidden

Hon. Gwyn Gulley

Sherry Harlan

Charles Helsten

Matthew Hevrin

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Daniel Hiser

Holmstrom & Kennedy PC

Roberta Holzwarth

Barbara Huffman

Nancy Hyzer

Michael Iasparro

Jennifer Johnson

Gary Kardell

Bradley Koch

Jocelyn Koch

James W. Keeling

Timothy J. Leake

P.M. Lechtenberg

Carol Lockwood

Thomas Lester

Matthew Logan

Frank Maggio

Al Mezny

J. Joseph McCoy

McGreevy Williams P.C.

Marcia Mueller

David Mullins

Lisa Munch

Nicola A. Nelson

Stephen Moore

James Pirages

Richard S. Porter

Jeffrey Powell

Susan Riege

Cathy Ritts

Ellen Samuel

Peter Savitski

Michael Schappert

D. Renee Schroeder

Gregory T. Snyder

Jeffry S. Spears

Brett A. Strand

Heather L. Suchobrus

Charles Thomas

Kelly J. Varsho

Hon. Patrick Yarbrough

Kristine Youman

James Zuba

Linda Zuba